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rock climbing

We offer guided rock climbing experiences outdoors on any rock up to traditional grade E2. 

Let us take you on an epic adventure! Rock climbing is an amazing sport that gets you out and up to places that only people on ropes can get to. Imagine having a picnic halfway up a sea cliff. Or challenge yourself by climbing rock faces in the mountains. Or simply have a go on real rock instead of the plastic holds so many of us pull on inside climbing gyms.


Take your pick from single pitch, multi-pitch, coastal cliffs, mountain crags and hidden woodland rocks and come on an adventure with us!


From £150 per day with ratios from 1:2 (multi-pitch routes) to 1:8 (single pitch routes) we can accommodate any level of experience and ability.

Get in touch with us (Use the 'Contact' section of the website) to discuss the options!