skyrunning masterclass
glen coe

21st and 22nd August

Skyrunning Masterclass in the infamous GLEN COE!

This 2 days course will cover all things skyrunning, focusing on the skills needed to move confidently over steep and technical terrain. Think the Aonach Eagach and Curved Ridge.

What better way to enjoy these exhilarating ridges than to learn how to run along them?

We will spend 2 days running around the most impressive and exciting terrain that the areas have to offer.

Don't fret - we won't go fast, the aim will be to enjoy ourselves, not rush!

Although the itinerary will be flexible, the events will be run as follows:

DAY 1 - SKILLS DAY - We will look at all the skills needed to run on more exposed and exciting terrain. We will head up onto a ridge to practise these skills, but will not do a very long run (Max 10 miles)

DAY 2 - Full day of ridge running, putting Days 1's skills into practise.