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ABOUT ME - Alice Kerr


Qualifications and Experience

I have spent my life in the outdoors. Working and playing in the mountains is an integral and enormous part of my life. Originating from a love of fell running, my journey into the outdoors began by exploring the areas around me, being inspired by the places that I could get to on my own two feet. I enjoy pushing the boundaries of what I can achieve and where I can go, a characteristic of mine that takes me to many interesting places...

I started rock climbing when I was at University and have been hooked ever since. Mountaineering, climbing and running have taken me all over Europe and further afield. From competing in Mountain Ultra Marathons to heading out for long days in the hills to find an esoteric rock climbing route, I relish time in the outdoors. Having moved between The Lake District, North Wales, the Scottish Highlands, Chamonix (France) and Val D'Anniviers (Switzerland)  over the past 15 years, I've been incredibly fortunate to experience many different types of hills, mountains, weathers and rock. 

In my spare time, my main passion is fell or mountain running, particularly enjoying long days out linking up different scrambling routes and hilltops. Moving fast and light, covering lots of ground, with my dog by my side is one of life's greatest pleasures. You will often find me sneaking out for a quick mountain hit before or after work!

Below is a list of the mountaineering qualifications that I hold. If you have any further questions about me, my company, the ethos behind it, or the different courses and experiences that I offer, please do get in touch!



  • Winter Mountaineering and Climbing Instructor

  • Summer Mountaineering and Climbing Instructor

  • Winter Mountain Leader

  • Summer Mountain Leader

  • Rock Climbing Instructor 

  • Mountain Bike Leader (Level 2)

  • First Aid Qualified

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