Winter Skills

Introduction to Winter skills

This course is designed to introduce summer hill and mountain walkers to the new skills required for winter. Giving you the skills to confidently approach winter and learn about the equipment required, as well as how to use it and when to use it, this course will cover all the basics. 

Covering subjects like:

-Winter Clothing and Shoes

-Planning a Winter Day

-Basic winter Navigation

- Crampons and Axes - What do you need, when?

- Movement in Crampons and Axes

- Basic emergency shelters

As well as anything else you would like to cover. This is a comprehensive introduction to Scottish Winter!

Courses can be run for 1 - 4 people and are 1 and 5 days long. 

£180.00 per day 

foundation Winter Navigation

Being able to navigate confidently is vital to having a fun and safe time in the hills during winter. Intro to Winter Navigation will help you to begin to transfer summer navigation skills inot the more refinded ones required for winter. 

Covering subjects like:

- Planning a winter day

- Route selection when on the hill

- Terrain and contour recognition

- Compass bearings

- Pacing and Distances

- Poor visibilty techniques

This course is perfect for anyone looking to take their navigation skills and improve them for the trickier conditions that winter throws at you!

Courses can be run for 1 - 4 people and are 1 and 5 days long. 

£180.00 per day 

Advanced Winter Navigation

Looking to take your winter navigation skills to the next level?

This course is perfect for you! Challenging and changing conditions in winter make confident navigation a must-have skill for the seasoned winter walker. 

Covering subjects like:

- Zero visibility navigation

- Complex terrain and contour recognition

- Navigating around dangerous features

- Accurate distance measurements

- Challenging navigation 'tests'

Come for just one day - or stay for a week - to challenge and improve your navigation to bring it up to a level that leaves you feeling confident in even the worst weather!

Courses can be run for 1 - 4 people and are 1 and 5 days long. 

£180.00 per day 

Introduction to Winter MOuntaineering

Take your winter skills ot the next level with a course in the basics of Scottish Winter Mountaineering. Moving from walking terrain to Graded routes is a big step in your winter journey, so come along on a course to help you get a solid foundation in the skills required. 

Covering topics such as:

- Route Selection

- Getting to and from a route

- Movement on steep ground

- Risk and judgement

- Correct use of winter equipment (axes, crampons, poles)

Intro to Winter Mountaineering will give you the skills necessary to plan and execute days in Scottish Winter that include Grade 1 gullies and ridges, as well as the techniques required to continue your journey towards winter climbing. 

(n.b. This course does not include the use of a rope and harness)

Courses can be run for 1 - 4 people and are 1 and 5 days long. 

£180.00 per day 


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