Refresher courses can boost the skills that you learnt during your training course, as well as teach you little extra that will help you on your way to assessment.


These courses are tailored to you; we can cover any aspect of the syllabus in as much or as little detail as you want. Refresher courses also give you the chance to boost your self confidence, helping you to walk into assessment with a head full of knowledge and looking forward to showing the assessor what you can do.


These courses can also be great for those of you who completed your training a while ago and feel like  you need a reminder of what you covered and what is expected of you for the qualification you are going for. 

So, whatever it is that you fancy doing, see below for the refresher courses that I offer get in touch so that I can help you on your way to your qualification! 

All refresher courses are £175 per day

Mountain Leader Refresher

Rock Climbing Instructor Refresher

MOUNTAINEERING AND Climbing Instructor Refresher

WINTER Mountain Leader Refresher


Alice Kerr


(+44)07808 263591


Please email or call at any time and I will endeavour to reply within 24 hours. 



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