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Refresher courses can boost the skills that you learnt during your training course, as well as teach you little extra that will help you on your way to assessment.


These courses are tailored to you; we can cover any aspect of the syllabus. Refresher courses also give you the chance to boost your self confidence, helping you to walk into assessment with a head full of knowledge and looking forward to showing the assessor what you can do.


Personally, I train and assess both the Mountain Leader and Rock Climbing Instructor qualifications.

So, whatever it is that you fancy doing, see below for the refresher courses that I offer get in touch so that I can help you on your way to your qualification!

Upcoming courses

  • Mountain Leader Ropework and Nav Refresher - Lake District
    Mountain Leader Ropework and Nav Refresher - Lake District
    Navigation, Ropework and Leadership Refresher Course in the Lake District. Refresh and top up your knowledge before assessment!
  • Advanced Navigation - Lake District
    Advanced Navigation - Lake District
    A 2 day Advanced Navigation Course in the Lake District, with optional Navigation Masterclass the weekend before to learn/top up skills beforehand!

Book your own course/date!

Mountain Leader Refresher

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Rock Climbing Instructor Refresher


MOUNTAINEERING AND Climbing Instructor Refresher

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