Scottish winter

Winter Walking

Come out for a Winter Walking day in the beautiful Scottish Hills! Heading out into the hills in winter is always a very rewarding experience, regardless of the weather. Blue bird days are always stunning, but those days battling the weather and snow give wonderful stories and type 2 fun! 

Scottish winter can be stunning, sunny, howling gales, snow, ice, steep hills, rolling fells, zero visibility and 200 mile visibility. And that's all in one day!

Come along for a day, or stay for longer, and let me show you all Scottish Winter has to offer to the hill walker. There is no better place to be!

Kit rental can be sorted out prior to the experience.

1 to 6 people

£180 per day

Intro to Winter mountaineering

Already aquainted with Scottish Winter Walking? Fancy taking it all a step further? Come along for a day of basic winter mountaineering. 

On these days, we will head into some slightly steeper winter terrain, putting skills and movement to the test on ground around the Grade 1/2 territory.

Bridging the gap between walking and climbing, we will head out for a day of (rope-free) mountaineering. 

Get in touch for requests and questions!

Kit rental can be sorted out prior to the experience.

1 to 6 people

£180 per day


Alice Kerr


(+44)07808 263591


Please email or call at any time and I will endeavour to reply within 24 hours. 



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