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Thank you for your donation!


Help towards the movement to Diversify our hills and mountains by donating money to help create courses and places on courses for those who wouldn't or couldn't normally attend a course.


Time & Location

Time is TBD

Thank you for your donation!

About the Event

"Diversify" is an initiative set up and run by myself, Alice. 

The aim is simple. To raise awareness and money to help diversify our community in the hills and mountains of the UK.

By providing accessible places on courses, as well as building entirely new courses, 'Diversify.' aims to get more people from minority groups learning in the outdoors. We all strive for a more equal and diverse community and by donating to this cause, you are helping to bridge the gaps that we see in the hills around us. 

Donations go towards:

- Providing free or subsidised places on my courses for people who are in a minority group who would not normally be able to attend due to financial limitations.

- Providing subsidised places on my courses for people from a minority group as an incentive to attend educational courses. 

- Help towards the creation of specifc courses for differernt minoriity groups. These are an essential part of 'Diversify.". The normal courses that are run are often dominated by a single gender and race. Attending these courses can be very daunting for some, which is why creating courses specifically for a minority group is such an important thing to be doing. 

All donations, whatever their size, are so welcome. Every penny raised on here is so important. 

I beleive that, working together, we can all help to create a more diverse community in the hills and mountains that we call home. 

Donations can be made in £10 increments. Starting at £10, up to any amount that you would like to donate. If you would like to donate more than £10, you can select the number of 'tickets' that you by (3 tickets would be a £30 donation).


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